The Law Firm


We provide advisory services to entrepreneurs and businesses facing legal and tax-related decision-making situations. We represent clients in commercial disputes. We personally stand behind the quality, content, and the results of the advice we provide.

Our law firm was founded at the beginning of the year 2003 and was named “Kantenwein Zimmermann Fox Kröck & Partner“ until the end of the year 2018. However, the founders’ professional experience dates back as far as 1985. When founding the law firm, the idea was to create a multidisciplinary entity consisting of lawyers, tax consultants, and auditors. This setup allows us to assemble interdisciplinary teams in order to assess economic issues efficiently from different angles. 

The guiding principle of our activities is the quality of our professional work and our appreciation of clients and colleagues. We address our tasks with commitment and focus. We do not underestimate our opponents, and we always deal with them in a respectful and appropriate manner. We aspire to maintain a sustainable work-life balance, so that we continue to enjoy our work and preserve our creativity. 

As regards content, the areas of expertise we cover reflect the level of quality offered by big consulting units. However, our partners are actually personally involved in the handling of the client matter at any given time and play an active part in shaping them. Our specialization allows us to accept complex and high-volume cases and to deal with them responsibly on short notice.